6 rules to crack UPSC IAS Exam 2015 in two months.our preparation plan for Indian Administrative Service (IAS) prelims should be ready by now. If not, then plan it as per the tips given below and get sure shot success in civil services exam 2015.

New UPSC/IAS Batch in Ahmedabad-CurriculumJuly-2016 to July-2017- All inclusive IAS/UPSC Comprehensive Coaching for Mains+Prelims+Test SeriesJuly to December-2016 - IAS/UPSC Comprehensive Coaching for Mains Specific portionJanuary to June-2017 -

How To Prepare For UPSC-Prelims UPSC-Prelims includes two objective type question papers of two hundred marks and two hours time duration for each paper. One is on General Studies and the other is General Aptitude Paper which has now replaced the op

Strategy and Books To Clear IAS ExamThis is the most important question that comes to the mind when one starts preparation for the esteemed civil services exam conducted by upsc. Few things which are to be kept in mind are as follows-The first th

CHAHAL ACADEMY provides the best IAS-UPSC Coaching in Ahmedabad for all three stages of civil services examination i.e. Prelims, Mains and Interview.

STRATEGY for handling the UPSC Preliminary exam.In order to excel in G.S. and mould the change in the syllabus in your own favour, what is needed is a comprehensive and strategic preparation covering all the dimensions of the syllabus well. The prep

HOW TO READ NEWS PAPER MORE EFFECTIVELY for IAS Exam PreparationMany people do not know how to read the newspaper and what news to read. The doubt is natural for freshers who are just in to the field of civil service exam preparation. Also covering

Important Things you must know, before you start preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination.1. Why IAS? Before stepping into the preparation of one of the toughest exams in the nation, do take a step back and ask yourself why and take a person

IAS PREPARATION TIPS FOR BEGINNERS ANDSome Myths About UPSC IAS Exam Preparation – Truths 1) They say IAS is the mother of all exams. Is it?Wrong. This is just another exam. The mother of all exams is Li

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