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Reasons to become an
Reasons to become an IAS Officer Most of the candidates dream of becoming an IAS officer due to certain reasons which are emotionally driven. Few of those emotional reasons are- • You may belong from a very poor family and have seen hardships, struggle or • You have been victim of some injustice by our bureaucratic system or • You were denied opportunities in the past or • You wish to make your dear ones proud or • You have been an underachiever in the past or • You dream to roam into an ambassador with red headlight • You were not successful in exams like IIT/ IIM /AIIMS /NITs /IISC /GATE /NDA /PCS or get into top universities or top companies In case, you happen to prepare for civil services examination due to above reasons, then you need to think again as Union Public Service Commission does not conduct Civil Services Exam to provide us justice, to satisfy our ego or to improve our social status. Rather Union Public Service needs candidates who are self-motivated for the welfare of the society and those who will help in implementation of policies laid down by central government.
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 Tips to crack UPSC
Tips to crack UPSC CSE in the first attempt Clearing UPSC-Civil services examination in first attempt is considered as myth by most of the candidates. Today, we are going to discuss about clearing civil services examination in first attempt and will share a few tips to make it possible. We need to remind ourselves that this is not a conventional exam which you gave in your school and colleges. Different perspective is needed, Given below are few important points that you need to do before appearing in this examination. 1. Familiarity with UPSC-CSE exam stages and pattern. 2. Thoroughly analyse the syllabus 3. Go through the question papers of previous years. 4. Take advise from seniors or people whom you trust 5. Read The Hindu / Indian express every day. 6. Purchase / collect relevant reference study material. 7. Make a realistic timetable and follow it strictly. 8. Be thorough with NCERT books before jumping to reference books 9. Start writing practice / notes from day one which will help you at later stage. 10. Finalise your optional subject and read only the most preferred book for that subject. 11. Finish one reading of NCERT and reference books in first seven months. 12. Once reading reference books is finished, start writing Mock Tests. 13. Do not learn anything new two months prior to the exam. Just focus on mock papers and Revision. Brush up your basics again, skim through reference books and your notes, read important from prelims exam point of view. We wish you best of luck in your journey towards cracking civil services examination
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