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Importance of an IAS Officer in our Society Being an IAS officer means different thing to different people. Few examples are as follows- • For your parents, IAS means their son’s or daughter’s future • For your friends, it might mean just a job profile • For your neighbors, IAS means being a sarkaari Babu and earning loads of bucks • For the well-off, it means bureaucrats who can be tamed with some money under the table • For the vulnerable section, an IAS officer is like a God if the officer has done even one good deed for their upliftment • For politicians, IAS ( the honest ones) are but an obstacle in their shenanigans • For president, IAS would mean the grassroot lynchpin between government and citizenry • Lastly, IAS is what IAS does. At the end of the day, it all comes down to you and the aspirations you have. IAS to you should mean serving the society.

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